Day 6: My First Slip-Up + Team Bread

Caption: Team Bread, after a trivia game event in Trident Cafe. This morning, I walked over to the lab to help finish building the UHV. One specific thing we had to do was to attach a silicon shield apparatus to the inside of the chamber. So we did that — however, as I walked around… Continue reading Day 6: My First Slip-Up + Team Bread

Day 5: Flanges

This morning, Professor Ludwig rented a truck and drove me to Harvard once more to pick up the very last piece of Frankenstein’s monster: the actual chamber. I forgot to ask how much it weighed, but to give you an idea, it takes multiple people to push it up even a 20-degree incline — on… Continue reading Day 5: Flanges

Day 3: 4th of July!

Caption: Boston/Cambridge fireworks, blocked by trees :c Today was really fun! RISE held a scavenger hunt for everyone to wander around the BU campus and learn more about it. We finished in 8th place, which was pretty average, but not much really happened besides lots and lots of walking — BU is essentially a 2-mile… Continue reading Day 3: 4th of July!

Day 2: Meeting My Mentor

  The first thing I asked my mentor today was how to pronounce her last name. Oops. So yeah! We met our mentors and professors today. The morning started off with an Environmental Health and Safety presentation that more or less matched the safety training courses we took before coming to BU. We then learned… Continue reading Day 2: Meeting My Mentor

Day 0: Visions

Hello all! I’m Max, a rising senior who is about to embark on a six-week journey at Boston University’s Research in Science and Engineering internship program this summer of 2017. I’ve been assigned to work in the physics department of BU under ProfessorĀ Karl Ludwig. From what I understand, he studies nanoengineering — more specifically, he… Continue reading Day 0: Visions