Day 40: Last Day in the Lab

Today was quite chill — I got a haircut, picked up my printed poster from Fed Ex, and then went to the lab and chilled and read papers to help me with my presentation.

At noon, Professor Ludwig took us all out for lunch because I am leaving tomorrow. I was allowed to choose the place, but I took a suggestion from Christa because I wasn’t sure which restaurants were good. She suggested Unos, a chain restaurant on the east coast. Lunch was awesome — for $8.99, I got a large chicken salad and a pair of slider burgers. We talked about a ton of things about life that I don’t really remember right now, but it was really fun!

After lunch, we had a group meeting. After the meeting, we all took pictures. After that, I stayed in the lab until about 5:30 pm before leaving. My lab team is going to attend the symposium tomorrow, and I’m going to have to present in front of them! (Yikes)

For dinner, I went with Tyler, Bryan, and Christina to a sushi place. I got a dish called “poke pon,” which was raw salmon and a variety of different foods on top of sushi rice. It was great! Also, eating at the outside tables at night on Newbury Street, surrounded by colorful city lights… it felt like an appropriate last dinner to have in Boston.

After that, I headed back to the dorm. We took a group picture at group meeting, and I packed my bags and cleaned my room one last time. You can tell I am rushing this post (with the level of concision I’m writing at), but it’s because I’m watching a movie right now and want to finish this post really soon.

Talk you guys tomorrow! Or the day after — depending on how much time I have to write before my flight leaves for France (our family is going on vacation right after RISE).

See ya,

Random things:

  • The movie we’re watching is called “Dope.”
  • Bryan wanted cupcakes, and a cupcake shop was literally a minute walk away. But it was also 8:59 pm, and the shop closed at 9:00 pm. We went anyways, and the shop owner literally locked the door from the outside right when we got there. So we got to watch the people inside the store pick up their cupcakes while not being let into the shop. It was hilarious!

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