Day 39: Symposium Poster Submitted

So I said I’d make the post on time, but I was wrong. Oops!

I checked my e-mail this morning to check my inbox, and Professor Ludwig had already sent another long e-mail, this time with 22 edits! I can’t believe he put so much time and effort into going over my poster so meticulously, on top of all the things he has to do. (Professors are very busy!) These edits were not as large as yesterday’s though, so I was able to finish fixing them and proofreading my entire poster one more time (by reading it out loud) by 3:00 pm. I was totally finished with the poster by 4:30 pm and I submitted it! No more late nights staying up to finish drafts and stuff — and I can feel good about turning something that I worked really hard on in.

After I submitted my poster, I hung around in the lab until about 6:00 pm and got dinner. After that, I went to CVS to buy stuff and then I borrowed Bryan’s USB drive to hand my .pdf file to FedEx to print (Professor Ludwig took me to get the physics department’s number). Then I went back to the dorms and chilled with Daniel Shenker, Harry, and Rahul for the rest of the day. They were working on Practicum presentations, so I just hung with them.

Then — more free cake! It was Harry’s birthday, so Zack bought yet another cake — this time from Insomnia Cookies. The cake was essentially a giant cookie with whipped cream and frosting on top, and it was really good! So that was cool. We all owe Zack one.

During the curfew meeting, Zack handed out RISE/HSH program review surveys for us to fill out. The end of RISE is insanely near, and I’m beginning to feel the sadness of parting ways with everyone. Rob (on our floor), who is leaving tomorrow (relative to yesterday, so he left today), came to the common room to say goodbye to all of us. Six weeks flew by way too quickly, and I can’t believe I’m leaving soon!

One thing I’ll have to say (I’ve probably said this before) is that I’m really thankful for everyone in our x-ray diffraction lab. Even though I was a total newbie, everyone always enthusiastic to take time from their own work to answer any questions I had. Shoutout to Professor Ludwig, Peco, Emily, Christa, and Mahsa! You guys are the best!

Well, I’ll be posting later today before I sleep for sure (99% sure). I won’t be able to post tomorrow morning like I’m posting now because of the symposium, so I have to post tonight.

See you all!

Random things:

  • Sneezing in a clean room is not okay, but apparently farting in a clean room is okay?
  • I had a strawberry frap from Starbucks today. It was good.
  • Tyler, John (another John), and I spent some time at lunch discussing what types of last names sound good in academia. French and German names almost always sound good, and two syllable names can never go wrong. Names like Fourier, Gauss, and Faraday simply sound so much better than Wang, Gant, or Wu (our last names).
  • By the time I came out of the lab today, all the barber shops were closed so I guess I’ll have to get the haircut tomorrow morning. (I already got the haircut at the time of posting this)

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