Day 37: Free Cake

Apologies for posting this a day late. I ended up staying up until 3:30 am to finish the first draft of my poster and had no energy to write a blog post.

Since I’m posting so late, I don’t remember very well what even happened yesterday. I believe I spent most of the day working on my poster. (I have been very busy with the poster!) After lab, Tyler and I went to the Mugar Library to continue working on the poster. I was trying to finish mine, and he was working on the second draft because his professor basically told him to start over (LOL).

At 11:30 pm, we dashed over to McDonald’s and bought Chicken McNuggets because we were hungry. We made it back to the curfew meeting on time to witness Jason’s birthday celebration. I thought that it was very nice of Zack to buy Jason a cake — we each had a small slice (we had to divide a small Whole Foods cake into about 20 slices), and it was really good! (I think it was a Boston Cream cake, at least from what I remember.) After that, a lot of us floor 10 kids talked in the hallway about a lot of random things like taking L’s, Riemann rearrangement, and Mathematical Memes for Logarithmically Scaled Teens. Eventually, I headed back to my room and tried to finish the poster. I thought I would finish early, but obviously, that was not the case.

I’m not going to say that I’m heading to sleep now like I say at the end of every post because it is currently 4:53 pm in the afternoon on the following day. I will try to post on time for today’s blog post, so stay tuned for that!


Random things:

  • Check out the Facebook Page Mathematical Memes for Logarithmically Scaled Teens — they have some cool memes.
  • Respect for Zack ++
  • Zack asked for any spare items (bowls, shampoo, fans, etc.) that we were going to leave behind at RISE because he could use all the supplies he could get. Poor college students 😦



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