Day 36: Bryan’s Hunger Chart

I spent today doing very little interesting things.

In the afternoon, Tyler and I went to Questrom to work on our posters. I learned about a technique for drawing dotted lines (Walter Lewin is really good at it!) and practiced that for a while. Bryan walked in later in the afternoon and drew a chart (hopefully I will remember to post a picture later). The y-axis marked his “fullness” rating (completely subjective) and the x-axis marked time. A few horizontal threshold bands streaked across the graph:

  • Line D_s: Death by Starvation
  • Line D_e: Death by Explosion (eating too much, you can imagine the rest)
  • “Optimal Region”: You have enough energy to operate, but aren’t totally full.
  • “Hungry Region”: You feel hungry.
  • “Full Region”: You feel full.

Here are a few more observations we made:

  • Taking bites out of a sandwich would result in spikes in the graph, while drinking a smoothie would be a more gradual line. (We’re tracking stomach content, subjectively)
  • After you eat, your hunger depletes in the shape of the logistical depletion model, resembling dy/dx = ky(1-y) where k<0. Right after you eat, you probably will feel full for a while. Also, starving for two days won’t feel all that different than starving for three days.
  • (We drew our graphs using straight lines for simplicity, however).

Okay, that was pretty lame. But awesome. I’ll stop now.

For dinner, I had these super tasty vegan quesadillas and a roast beef sandwich. Now I’m on the 6th floor of the Mugar Library again to work on (or attempt to work on) my poster. I also did laundry.

I’m hoping to sleep early tonight so that I can be ready to work tomorrow. Today was pretty boring — I think you can tell from how half of my post is based on a hunger graph. Tomorrow, I hope that most of my poster can come together — I learned today that there are a lot of parts that I cannot do by myself. For now, I will be checking out.

See you all!

Random things:

  • I did a dumb thing today: I shoved all my quarters into the wrong dryer and pressed the start button, effectively wasting $1.75.
  • I also missed catching a Moltres today, which sucked.



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