Day 34: Lab Meeting Pt. 2

Hello, it’s me posting way too late for the millionth time.

Today was quite a normal day in the lab, but we had another Friday lab group meeting in the afternoon. Unfortunately, the meeting just perfectly overlapped with the time Warren Towers were open for lunch, so I ended up skipping lunch today. During the meeting, everyone shared their progress and Christa and Emily gave presentations on a paper they read during the week. Professor Ludwig briefed us (in a non-brief manner) on the status of the development of a new x-ray accelerator and gave some background on how already-built accelerators compared with each other.  I took notes, but I didn’t understand a lot of what he was talking about.

Anyways, I spent lots of time working on my symposium poster today. And besides what I talked about this morning, that’s pretty much it for what I did today. I’m sorry for this ridiculously short post, but I just don’t have much to write about. The next two days are weekend days, and hopefully, I’ll have cool things to write about then.

Nighty night,

Random things:

  • I ate an entire Hershey’s chocolate bar today.

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